Hi Mound AA-101 Adaptor BK-1 Palm Keyer BK-100 Bug Key BK-101 Bug Key EK-100 Keyer COK-1 Oscillator COK-2 Oscillator DA-1 Keyer EK-101 Keyer EK-103Z HK-8 Serpentine HK-702 Straight Key HK-703 Straight Key HK-704 Straight Key HK-705 Straight Key HK-706 Straight Key HK-707 Straight Key HK-708 Straight Key HK-709 Hi Rise HK-802 Swedish HK-808 De Luxe HK-902 Straight Key HK-908 Straight MK-8 Twin MK-701 Dual MK-703 Manipulator MK-704 Single MK-705 Dual MK-706 Dual TC-701 Training

Hi Mound

Hi-Mound has been in business since just after World War II, and these well-made keys, paddles, and bugs have a well-deserved reputation for quality.  "High Mound" is the closest English translation of the founder and President's name-- Takatsuka.

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Hi Mound HK-704 Hi Rise Straight Key